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An adverb  qualities a verb, an adjective or another adverb.

Adverb , verb, adjective तथा adverb के आलावा preposition conjunction ,noun ,pronoun तथा sentence की भी quality बताने  का कार्य करना है। जैसे :-

  • He run fast.
  • You walk slowly.

ऊपर दिए गए sentence में verb -walks तथा  run की quality , slowly तथा fast बता रहा है अतः fast – slowly adverb है।

  • She is very good.
  • She is is extremely beautiful.

ऊपर दिए गए sentence में adjectives – good तथा beautiful की quality , very तथा extremely बता रहा है अतः very तथा extremely adverb है।

  • I write very carefully.
  • The horse runs very fast.

ऊपर दिए गए sentence में adverbs – carefully तथा fast की quality very बता रहा है अतः  very adverb है।

  • The kite flew exactly over my head.
  • She parked her car just at the gate.

ऊपर दिए गए sentence में preposition- over तथा at की quality , exactly तथा just बता रहा है अतः exactly तथा just adverbs है।

  • He hates her simply because she drinks whisky.
  • Mr. Shah reached the station a little before the train left for.

ऊपर दिए गए sentence में conjunction – because तथा before की quality , simply तथा a little बता रहा है अतः simply तथा a little adverbs है।

  • Fortunately, the terrorist was caught.
  • Naturall, Dhoni played well.

ऊपर दिए गए sentence में The terrorist was caught तथा Dhoni played well की quality , Fortunately तथा naturally बता रहा है अतः fortunately तथा naturally adverbs है।

  • Only Priya can do this work.
  • Even He comes late.
  • At least you should come here.

ऊपर दिए गए sentence me noun- Priya , pronoun – he तथा you की quality , only even तथा at least बता रहा है . अतः only , even, तथा at least – adverbs है।

ध्यान दे:-

only , even तथा at least ऐसे adverbs है जो Noun तथा Pronoun की quality बताते है. लेकिन Noun तथा Pronoun की quality बताता है।

Kinds Of Adverbs

  1. Adverbs of time
  2. Adverbs of Place
  3. Adverbs of Number /Frequency
  4. Adverbs of Quantity/ rang/ extent / degree
  5. Adverbs of Manner
  6. Adverbs of Reason
  7. Adverbs of Affirmation or Negation
  8. Interrogative Adverbs
  9. Relative Adverbs

Adverbs Of Time

वे Adverbs जो time को express करते है Adverbs of time कहलाते है। जैसे :-

Today, tomorrow,yesterday, last night, last day, last month,last week, last year, next day , soon,m early, lately instantly etc.

  • She saw me yesterday.
  • Akash arrived late.
  • Dhruv will soon return

Adverbs of Place

वे adverbs जो place को express करते है  Adverbs of  place कहलाते है। जैसे :-

here, there, far, indoor,outdoor, within, away, down, anywhere, without, everywhere, some where, below, above etc.

  • She is sitting here.
  • he looked up.
  • My sister in law is out.

ध्यान दे:-

Above , below, up, down,within,without, in का प्रयोग  preposition के रूप में होता है। जैसे :-

  • Come in.
  • He lives in this apartment.

Adverbs of Number

वे adverbs जो किसी action के होने की संख्या को express करते है  Adverbs of  number कहलाते है। जैसे :-

twice, once, rarely, often, always, never, seldom, again, hardly, scarcely ,firstly etc.

  • She frequently come unprepared.
  • She seldom dances.
  • The postman called again.

Adverbs of Quantity

वे adverbs जो किसी adjective ya adverb of quantity को express करते है  Adverbs of  quantity कहलाते है। जैसे :-

Too, nearly, so, fully, partially, entirely, altogether, quite, ver etc.

  • She was too careless.
  • He was very tired

Adverbs of Manner 

वे adverbs को किसी action के होने के method को express करते है Adverbs of  manner कहलाते है। जैसे :-

wisely, loudly, bravely , well, agreeably, fast , hard, firm , faithfully, clearly etc.

  • The dog run fast.
  • She works hard.
  • They fought bravely.

Adverbs of Reason 

वे adverbs जो Reason के भाव को express करते है Adverbs of Reason कहलाते है। जैसे :-

Hence, therefore, consequently.

  • He was therefore fined.
  • I therefore left school.

Adverbs of Affirmation or Negation

वे adverb जो Affirmation or Negation के भाव को express करते है adverbs of Affirmation or  Negation कहलाते है।. जैसे :-

Not , surely, indeed, by no means, not at all, yes, no, probably etc.

  • She did not come after all.
  • I do not know her.

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Interrogative Adverbs

वे adverbs जो question पूछने के लिए प्रयुक्त होते है Interrogative adverbs कहलाते है।जैसे :-

When , how log , where, howfar, in what way, why , howoften

  • When will you return?
  • Why are you late?
  • Where do you live?

Relative Adverbs

Jab interrogative adverbs का प्रयोग दो sentences को जोड़ने के लिए होता है, तो वे Relative Adverbs कहलाते है. जैसे :-

Relative Adverb explicit or Implicit Antecedent का relation बताने का कार्य है।

  • This is where the king lived .
  • Do you know the time when he will come?

मेरी बाते

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