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इस आर्टिकल में आपको पढने कप मिलेगा Most useful Antonyms के बारे में. Antonyms  English language में बहुत जगहों पर काम आते हैं जैसे Competitive Exam में School में, और Other State / Central Competitive Exam में .


Antonyms की परिभाषा है – विपरीत अर्थ का एक शब्द। जैसे Fast का Antonyms Slow है और देखें .यहाँ आप आसानी से English Tricks सीखते हैं। हमने कई English Antonyms  दिए हैं जो आपको परीक्षा की तैयारी में मदद करेंगे.

Antonyms A to Z Alphabet
Antonyms A to Z Alphabet

A Alphabet के Antonyms

1.Agreeable (Adjective) :- सहमत

Ants:- Disagreeable /unwilling  /unpleasant

2. Affirms (Verb) :- निश्‍चयपूर्वक समर्थन करना

Ants:- Deny / declare /state / assert / aver /proclaim

3. Attach (Verb) :- जोड़ना

Ants:- Detach/ fasten / fix / affix / join / connect / couple/ link

4. Acquit (Verb) :- अपराधमुक्त करना

Ants:- Convict /absolve /clear /free/ dismiss /discharge/ release

5. Adversity (Noun):-दुर्भाग्य / मुसीबत

Ants:- Prosperity /Good Time/misfortune/ ill luck/ bad luck /trouble/ difficulty / hardship

6. Angel (Noun):-देवदूत

Ants:- Devil /divine/heavenly messenger

7. Approach (Verb) :- पहुँच

Ants:- Retreat /leave / catch up on/creep up on

8. Awareness (Noun):- जागरूकता

Ants :- knowledge/ ignorance/understanding /acknowledgement /realization

9. Abolish (Verb) :- समाप्त करना

Ants:- Conform /retain/ create / put an end to/get rid of /stop

10. Abundance (Noun):-भरमार

Ants:- poverty/ Dearth / failure/ scarcity/paucity/ deficiency

B Alphabet के Antonyms

1. Barbarous (Adjective) :- असभ्य

Ants:-brutal/ Civilized /benevolent / cruel

2. Barren (Adjective) :- बंजर

Ants:- productive /Fertile /infertile /unfruitful

3. Breadth (Noun):-चौड़ाई

Ants:-Length / to latter / passing

4.Barely (adverb) :- मुश्किल से

Ants:- Fully /easily /hardly/totally

5. Banish (Verb) :- निर्वासित करना

Ants:- Admit/Accept/ /welcome /Allow

6. Bastard (Noun):- घटिया इंसान

Ants:- echt/ Unscoundrel /genuine

4. benefit (Verb) :- लाभ

Ants:- Damage / Injure /profit/  gain /welfare worth

5. Belittle (Verb) :- कम हो जाना

Ants:- Praise / magnify/ Exaggerate

6. Believer (Noun):-आस्तिक 

Ants:- Disbeliever /sceptic/ agnostic /infidel

7. Bankrupt (Noun):-दिवालिया

Ants:- solvent /on the rocks

8. Bare (Verb) :- नंगा

Ants:- clothed/embellished

9. Ban (Verb) :- प्रतिबंध

Ants:- Allow/ Sanction /permit / permission

10. Beautiful (Adjective) :- सुंदर

Ants:- Ugly/ hideous /attractive /pretty /good-looking

C Alphabet के Antonyms

1. Callous (Adjective) :- कठोर 

Ants:- heartless/ Kind/compassionate/unfeeling

2. Callow (Adjective) :- अनुभवहीन

Ants:-Experienced / sophisticated/ mature

3. Canny (Adjective) :- चतुर

Ants:-careless / Foolish /reckless

4. Capacious (Adjective) :-विशाल

Ants:- Stable/ constant/ Consistent/ cramped

5. Catholic (Adjective) :-कैथोलिक

Ants:- limited / narrow

6. Cherish (Verb) :- संजोना

Ants:- Abandon / Neglect

7. Cheerless (Adjective) :-उदास

Ants:-Sad / Dull/ Unwilling

8. Charitable (Adjective) :-दानी

Ants:- Uncharitable / Unkind

9. Chastise (Verb) :- दंड देना

Ants:- Praise/ Reward

10. Censure (Verb) :- अपराधी ठहराना

Ants:- Approval / Commend /Praise

D Alphabet के Antonyms

1.Damage (Verb) :- हानि

Ants:- Repair / Improve

2. Daring (Adjective) :-बहादुर

Ants:- Light/Fear/ Cheerful

3. Dead (Adjective) :-मृत

Ants:-Live/ Alive/ Living/ Lively

4. Death (Adjective) :-मृत्यु


5. Deficit (Noun):- घाटा

Ants:- Surplus /Surfeit

6. Deference (Adjective) :-सम्मान

Ants:- Disrespect / Discourtesy

7. Defeat (Noun):- हार

Ants:- Victory /Success/ Triumph

8. Decisive (Adjective) :-निर्णायक

Ants:- Insignificant / Indecisive

9. Decry (Verb) :- दोष देना

Ants:- Praise /overrate

10. Demon (Noun) :- दानव


E Alphabet के Antonyms

1.Early (Adjective) :-शीघ्र

Ants: Late/ belated/ Overdue

2. Earthly (Adjective) :-पृथ्वी सम्बन्धी

Ants: Heavenly / Spiritual

3. Ease (verb) :- आसानी

Ants: Aggravate / Hinder/ increase

4. Eminent (Adjective) :-प्रसिद्ध

Ants:Unimportant / Unknown

5. Emphasize (Verb) :-प्रमुख बनाना

Ants: Under state/ Jobless/ Unoccupied

6. Emphatic (Adjective) :-ज़ोरदार

Ants: Hesitate / tentative / Insignificant

7. Empty (Adjective) :- रिक्त होना

Ants: Full/ Occupied / Meaningful / worthwhile

8. Energetic (Adjective) :- शक्तिशाली

Ants: Lazy / Weak /Inactive

9. Enthusiastic (Adjective) :-उत्साही

Ants: Apathetic /indifferent/ Uninterested

10. Emerge (verb):- उभरना

Ants: Enter / Fade/ Disappear

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F Alphabet के Antonyms

  1. Factual (Adjective) :- तथ्यपूर्ण

Ants: Untrue/ fictitious/ unreal

2. Faint (Adjective) :-धीमा

Ants: Clear / Loud? Great/ Strong

3. Flourish (Verb):-विकास

Ants: fail/ Decline

4. Flop (verb):- नाकामयाबी

Ants:Succeed/ Flourish

5. Few (Adjective) :-कुछ

Ants: Many/ Plentiful/ Frequent

6. Ferocious (Adjective) :-क्रूर

Ants: Mild /  Gentle / Tame

7. fault (Noun):- दोष

Ants: Merit / Asset/ Strength

8. Fantastic (Adjective) :- विलक्षण

Ants: Real / Poor/ Ordinary

9. fatigue ( Noun):-थकान

Ants: Energy/ Vgour

10. Fatal (Adjective) :-घातक

Ants: Harmless / Beneficial

G Alphabet के Antonyms

1.Gallant (Adjective) :-वीर

Ants: Cowardly / Rude/ Discourteous

2. Generous (Adjective) :-उदार

Ants: Selfish / Mean/ meagre

3. Gigantic (Adjective) :-विशाल

Ants: Tiny/ Diminutive

4. Ghastly (Adjective) :-भयंकर रूप से

Ants: Charming / Pleasant / Healthy

5. Genius (Noun):-प्रतिभा

Ants: Dolt/ Dunce/ Stupidity

6. Grieve ( Noun):- शोक मानना

Ants: Rejoice / Cheer

7. Greedy (Adjective) :-लालची

Ants: Altruistic / Apathetic/ Genrerous

8. Gratitude (Noun):- आभार

Ants: Ingratitude

9. Gracious (Adjective) :-दयालु

Ants:Ungracious / Discourteous

10. Goodwill (Noun):-साख

Ants: ill-will / Enmity / Hostility

H Alphabet के Antonyms

1. Haphazard (Adjective) :-अस्थिर

Ants: Regular / Systematic/ Methodical

2.Halt (Verb) :- पड़ाव

Ants: Go / Begin/ Further

3. Holy (Adjective) :-पवित्र

Ants: Impious

4. Hesitant (Adjective) :-दुविधा में पड़ा हुआ

Ants: Firm? Confident

5. Hide (Verb):- छिपाना

Ants: Revel/ Disclose

6. Hideous (Adjective) :-घृणित

Ants: Pleasant / Beautiful

7.Hoarse (Adjective) :-कर्कश

Ants: Soft / Smooth/ mellow

8.Hearty (Adjective) :-हार्दिक

Ants: cool/ Slight/  weak

9.Heroic (Adjective) :-वीर

Ants: Timid/ Cowardly

10. Hateful (Adjective) :-घृणास्पद

Ants: Lovable/Admirable / Good

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